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Destination Finland 2016/finland/en-gb/research/52/destination-finland-20162016-09-23T05:00:00ZDestination Finland 2016An Introduction to Finnish Cities
Nordic City Report, Autumn 2016/finland/en-gb/research/50/nordic-city-report-autumn-20162016-09-15T05:00:00ZNordic City Report, Autumn 2016
Nordic City Report, Spring 2016/finland/en-gb/research/49/nordic-city-report-spring-20162016-03-09T06:00:00ZNordic City Report, Spring 2016
Nordic City Report, Autumn 2015/finland/en-gb/research/48/nordic-city-report-autumn-20152015-09-08T05:00:00ZNordic City Report, Autumn 2015
Destination Nordics 2015/sweden/en-gb/research/81/destination-nordics-20152015-04-28T05:00:00ZDestination Nordics 2015In this report we focus specifically on international retailer presence and expansion in the Nordic retail markets of Copenhagen, Helsinki and Oslo as well as the Swedish cities Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.
Nordic City Report, Spring 2015/finland/en-gb/research/46/ncr-sping-20152015-02-24T06:00:00ZNordic City Report, Spring 2015Nordic cities real estate bi-annual report
EMEA Corporate Occupier Conditions, Winter 2015/emea/en-gb/research/199/emea-corporate-occupier-conditions-winter-20152015-01-08T06:00:00ZEMEA Corporate Occupier Conditions, Winter 2015The winter 2015 edition of EMEA Corporate Occupier Conditions sheds light on the current market conditions, rental favourability and the opportunities and challenges for corporate occupiers across EMEA.
Nordic City Report, Autumn 2014/finland/en-gb/research/47/ncr-autumn-20142014-09-02T05:00:00ZNordic City Report, Autumn 2014Bi-annual nordic city real estate report
Nordic City Report, Spring 2014/finland/en-gb/research/45/nordic-city-report-spring-20142014-02-26T06:00:00ZNordic City Report, Spring 20142013 can be summarized as a relatively stable year for the Nordic markets. Slowly but surely, underlying economic factors have been stabilizing, while office markets have performed solidly throughout the year.
Nordic City Report Autumn 2013/finland/en-gb/research/44/ncr-autumn-20132013-09-03T05:00:00ZNordic City Report Autumn 2013​The financial crisis has continued to impact the real estate market in Europe, and this also applies in the Nordics. Growth recovery has been delayed, which has resulted in downward revisions in GDP forecasts.