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Agency Leasing

Optimize your profit by profiling your property to meet the market demand

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Our leasing specialists provide real estate owners with professional and creative propositions based on their extensive knowledge of the property market. We have the ability to take into account the financial objectives of the real estate owners and find tenants best suited for their strategies, maximizing profitability in the process.

The fast-paced property market requires quick reactions to the tenants' needs through background research, local market information and trend recognition.  In addition to our own expertise we have a global network of professional colleagues at our disposal, all experts within their fields.

Our leasing team has acquired detailed information on companies in various different industries, creating lasting relationships through which we can offer possibilities others are unable to match. We customize each property's marketing strategy using a combination of the latest technology and field-proven methods. By utilizing multiple different marketing channels we are able to reach high-end Tenants and negotiate the best possible lease agreement to the Landlord.