Timo Tschammler

Chief Executive Officer, Germany

Timo is responsible for the strategic direction and leadership in the German business.

Timo’s real estate journey began in 1996 with a real estate focussed Diploma in Business Administration, and has continued with senior roles working across the business capitals of Europe.

International investment jobs at Atis Real Auguste Thouard (now BNP Paribas Real Estate) and DTZ (now Cushman & Wakefield) took him to Paris and London respectively. He landed back in his native Germany as Country Head at DTZ, prior to joining JLL in 2012.

He was promoted to his current role in 2017, with a mandate to strengthen JLL’s position as market leader in Germany. Specifically, he’s looking at how to improve and diversify the range of services JLL provides, exploring both organic and acquisition options. In addition, he’s committed to digitising and automating manual work processes, and has established external partnerships with technology experts to help staff think more innovatively and creatively.

On his real estate journey, Timo has picked up leadership roles on numerous industry bodies, is a media commentator, and has co-authored several technical books.

Away from work Timo is training hard to improve his marathon time. He and his wife are the proud owners of two Chihuahua dogs, and relax by travelling or spending time with family and Timo’s five Godchildren.