Client story

Food Logistics Hub for Highest Demands

HAVI Logistics takes another step in sustainability with a new location near Hanover.


Wunstorf, Deutschland

Square Metres

16,000 sqm incl. office space



"Thank you, JLL for your professional support in meeting our 2020 goals!"

Jens Schauer, Senior Manager Facility Management, HAVI Logistics

HAVI Logistics specializes in supply chain services for the food service industry and provides logistics services to the highest quality and service standards for large and medium-sized restaurant chains. In the course of strategic corporate development and process optimization, the network in Germany will also be expanded. The following elements are important here: the avoidance of empty runs, shorter distances between logistics centers and customers and the use of alternative drive systems at additional locations.

The Hanover area was evaluated as a suitable region for a planned expansion. HAVI commissioned us to find an appropriate site for the requirements of the logistics company.

JLL finds the perfect location and project developer

In close cooperation with the regional economic development agencies, we analyzed the location offer. The specific requirements:

  • Property with expansion reserve and a size of approximately 50,000 sqm to 80,000 sqm
  • at least 20,000 sqm of sealable area for property and roads
  • suitable for the development and construction of a modern -24 ° freezer logistics facility as well as an LNG gas filling station
  • Ensuring of 33 electrified truck spaces for cooling trailers to ensure a guaranteed uninterrupted cold chain.

There were no suitable existing properties in this region. After extensive visits and the examination of structural restrictions, special rights, contaminated sites, electricity connections and other aspects, the focus was on two reserved areas in the Hanover region. Ultimately, the decision was made in favor of the Wunstorf site. With its 64,000 sqm, it offers a flexible and demand-oriented commercial space with good conditions and optimum transport connections.

"It's a pleasure to provide a logistics professional with the optimum solution in a timely manner."

Michael Starre, Director Business Development, Industrial Agency, Dusseldorf

Together with HAVI Logistics, we prepared a construction and service description which was supplemented by the refrigeration specialists of the logistics company with the special features of the -24°C freezing technology. On this basis, we found a suitable project developer.

Sustainably optimal conditions for HAVI expansion

HAVI Logistics GmbH will move into the new location in the first quarter of 2020 and supply customers in the region from there. With the support of JLL, a state-of-the-art logistics property with optimal transport connections is created that meets the customer's expansion and sustainability goals.