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Leveraging IoT and analytics to drive a smart workplace

Fortune 50 leading financial services provider seeks to boost smart space utilization.


Protecting our client’s resources


Savings opportunities between $13 and $33 million


UtilizationIQ platform

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In an effort to identify and drive savings opportunities, and to boost their smart space utilization, this leading Fortune 50 financial services company sought to optimize their portfolio with accurate time-based data and trending of space utilization patterns.

Analyze utilization trends under various dimensions

A globally scalable technology platform — one that includes analytics and BI models —UtilizationIQ was implemented to accrue actual measured utilization readings at the building, floor and room levels. The pilot program included 66,000 square feet of space. We installed 350 sensors in various work areas, which in combination with enterprise data sources, helped to analyze utilization trends under various dimensions, and ultimately revealed volumes of data with meaningful visuals.

Driving portfolio outcomes with the backing of data and analytics

Our Utilization Intelligence platform allowed our client to see the data that supported cost-saving changes to desk-sharing ratio scenarios and short-term leases. In addition, our client saw savings opportunities between $13 and $33 million annually.

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Utilization Intelligence  

With clearly defined goals and a flexible utilization toolset at your fingertips, you’ll be well on your way to your highest workplace utilization IQ.

The Utilization Challenge

The average organization only utilizes 60%* of building space to its fullest potential, making the other 40% an opportunity. But your organization is anything but average.

Creating a workplace of the future to support medical innovation

Global Biotechnology Company seeks to reconfigure space and reinvigorate employees.

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