Investment Sales & Advisory

We solve our clients' complex challenges by combining global market expertise with world-class research, to deliver optimal sale execution.

Who we are

  • We provide clients the edge when considering their economic interest in real estate by creatively integrating the interdependent capital cycles of occupation, ownership, and investment. 
  • Our deep, on the ground relationships with both established and emerging cross-border investors give our clients better opportunities to access global capital.
  • Our clients can access and market personalized global investment opportunities in real time through our global listing platform (link in cell C20), whilst simplifying the due diligence process.
  • Our clients benefit from the breadth and depth of skills, of over 3,000 capital markets specialists in more than 50 countries, gaining local knowledge and global perspectives for better investment results. 
  • Our advice takes investors through the full life of an investment, offering an extensive suite of equity and debt products to maximize returns.
  • By bringing together data on thousands of global properties and institutional transactions over the last 20 years with AI and machine learning; clients benefit from a new level of intelligence and decision-making in the industry. 

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Tero Uusitalo

Head of Capital Markets