European Healthcare Real Estate Interface

An overview of different European Healthcare Real Estate markets, with easy-to-use interactive features. Find the latest market intelligence to inform your strategy and gain the insights you need.

Key Country Demographics

What is the relative scale and nature of demand across Europe?

Rising elderly populations and growing healthcare expenditure are both core demand drivers for healthcare services and healthcare real estate, including long-term residential care facilities. Explore which markets have the strongest fundamentals using the map below. Click on a country to see more details relating to population and health expenditure.

Care Home Investment Yields

How do these compare to other sectors? Understand pricing levels across mature and growing markets.

Compare prime net investment yields for care homes across Europe in the following visualisation. Prime yields relate to well-located, modern quality stock, let on long-term institutional leases to high quality operators.

Selected Care Home Transactions

What are the key transactions in each market and who do they involve? See the deals and key players influencing this growing market.

Through the first six months of 2021, €7.3bn was invested across European healthcare, up 57% compared to 2020 (though of course comparing to a period of strict lockdowns through Q2). Just over half (55%) of the year-to-date investment has come in the nursing / care home sub-sector, totalling €4.0bn. Understand the key transactions detailed in the table below, which presents major care home deals since April. Use the search function to narrow down the deal size or investigate specific sellers and buyers.

Key Care Home Operators

Who is operating care homes? Recognise which companies are market and European leaders.

Care home operations can be fragmented in many European countries, though there are major players operating across markets. The table below identifies some of the major care home operators by geography and their ‘in-country’ revenues from the last two years. Use the search function to see which operate across geographies, or to focus on a specific country.

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