Is it time for a new
perspective on real estate?

Investment strategies fit for the future

Traditional real estate investment approaches are being challenged. Investors need a fresh perspective and a focus on flexible, sustainable, technology-driven assets to build resilience and shape the future of real estate.

We partner with investors to help them reposition, diversify and repurpose their assets and portfolios to enhance performance and drive returns. Together, we can shape the future of real estate.

Understanding the new real estate investment landscape

Impact investing will pick up pace as sustainability tops the agenda

69% of investors said sustainability and climate change will have the greatest impact on UK real estate (Source: JLL)

International investors continue to allocate capital to property

US $1.5 trillion set to target global real estate in 2021 as investors go in search of stable returns (Source: JLL)

End users drive demand from significant behavioural shifts

29% of retail sales were online in 2020 and industrial and logistics investment increased by 43% demonstrating how customers are driving changes across all aspects of society (Sources: ONS and JLL)

Investor perspectives podcast

Episode one explores the drivers of change behind why global real estate investors are reevaluating their investment strategies to suit new living, working and shopping habits. Tim Vallance, Head of Investor Services, Michael Davis, Director, JLL Consulting and Eddie Nelms, Consulting Director at BeWonder explore the insights of the end users and how investors should navigate these shifts.

Investors need to reposition, diversify and repurpose


What if real estate could deliver returns and reduce risk?

Investors need to reposition their strategies to suit a vastly changed world. They will raise, invest and restructure capital to prioritise long-term consumer trends over short-term profit.


Do you know which sectors and sub-sectors are growing fastest?

Investors need to look outside of traditional sectors for growth. Forward-thinking investors will deploy capital in new locations and sub-sectors.


How can you repurpose real estate in new ways?

Innovative investors will repurpose properties and portfolios with technology, sustainability and impact investing at front of mind to withstand future unknowns.

Let's shape the future of real estate

Whatever your portfolio size or position it’s time to get a new perspective.